Tool Control Kits

If you need a complete tool kit with tools, including custom cut foam and laser etching, we can help!

Using premium quality tools from Matco and others we can complete an entire tool control kit for you for immediate use. All you do is remove the shrink wrap and your custom tool kit is ready for use. Please contact us for more details on our complete tool kits, if you have a list of tools for your custom tool kits with or without pn’s we can give you a quote for everything you need from tool kit foam to tool control kits or tool kits foam just let us know how we can help.

We have been building tool control kits 100% complete for over fifteen years, we understand that tool kit foam is just a small part of the overall complete tool kit. Our attention to detail for quality of fit of the tools within the pockets is shown by our multi stage QC process prior to shipping your custom tool kit. The CTK or composite tool kit is only effective if all of the tools match your requirement exactly, this is accomplished through a multi stage QC process as well.


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