Tool Control Kits

If you need a complete tool kit with tools, including custom cut foam and laser etching, we can help! We can even provide custom containers and custom-manufactured tools.

Using premium quality sourced tools from 100’s of suppliers, we can manufacture a complete tool kit set including the toolbox, custom foam tool kits, foam inserts, specialty tools, custom-made tools, foam sheets, and laser marking on all tools. All you do is remove the shrink wrap and your custom tool kit is ready for use. Please contact us for more details on our complete tool kits. If you have a list of tools for your custom tool kits with or without pn’s, we can give you a quote for everything you need from tool kit foam to custom foam tool kits or tool kits foam. Just let us know how we can help.

Complete Tool Kit Set

Our competitive advantage is we can manufacture the kit to meet your specific needs. For example, a US Navy customer had a requirement to deploy with a specific set of tools, however the size and style of tools were too large for a regular toolbox and the deployment environment necessitated a tow-able toolbox. We designed a cage with tow bar that was built around a premium Matco toolbox. In other instances, customers had specialty tools they needed designed and manufactured for their specific requirements, we were able to manufacture those tools and included them with the regular tools, foam inserts and a custom made toolbox.

We have been building tool control kits 100% complete for over fifteen years, we understand that tool control foam is just a small part of the overall complete tool kit set. Our process for the building of a complete tool control kit starts with the bill of materials. We learn about your requirement/application to ensure we provide the right tools and container to meet your specific application requirements. For example, you may have a team of technicians working from a single box, we would review your bill of materials and make suggestions about tools you may want duplicates of in the kit. This ensures no technicians are waiting for tools to be available.

Customizing the bill of materials content is part of the process but so is ensuring we work within your budget, with 100’s of suppliers we can meet your budget requirements and select tools that make sense for your application at the same time.

This attention to detail continues to choosing the right size container to fit your tools while keeping the overall design requirements of any successful tool control foam job in mind. These requirements relate to the distance required between tools to ensure the tool control foam’s wall integrity among other requirements such as the distance between the tools and the edge of the foam tray.

Ensuring quality of fit of the tools within the pockets is a priority and is shown by our multi stage QC process prior to shipping your custom tool kit. The CTK or composite tool kit is only effective if all of the tools match your requirement exactly, this is accomplished through a multi stage QC process as well. This QC process is built into our ISO9001 quality system. The QC checks start before production by confirming the bill of materials matches the original request, it continues through engineering to make sure all tools required were engineered as well all engineered shapes match the cut outs (fit testing). Post production QC involves ensuring each tool is marked according to the customers requirements, each tool that was ordered is present, and the layouts match the customer approved layouts.

The kits are then photographed, labeled, and shipped according to the customers instructions.

Consultation and quotes are provided at no cost, please contact us today via email or phone to start the process.


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