Tool Foam
Tool Foam Sheets

Tool Control Foam Sheets and Rolls

We stock 4’ x 8’ sheets of ½” thick blue and black foam as well as ¼” sheets of red and yellow. We also have rolls available in blue, black, red, and yellow. This option is suited best for people who want to do their own foam cut outs. Once your order is received we can ship same or next day. Click here to learn more and get tips on how best to cut your foam. Read More
Foam Cut Outs

Tool Control Foam with cut outs

Using the foam we have in stock as well as our experienced drafting team we can design your foam inserts for you. There is no additional charge for this service, unlike others we do not charge Non Recurring Engineering fee’s. Our tool foam inserts are tailored to your requirements and a PDF layout is provided for your review before the cut outs are made. Changes may be made at no charge, our goal is the perfect set of foam inserts for your toolbox or workbench. Read More
Tool Kit Foam

Tool Control Kits

We have hundreds of professional grade tool manufacturer suppliers that we can source from to create the perfect tool set for your application. Whether you need a Pelican case outfitted with tools, a soft sewn tool pouch, or a custom rollaway complete with tools, we can help. Your tool set will be designed here, when it arrives at your facility, the tools will be shrink wrapped in the drawers and located within the box, ready to use. Read More

Tool Foam was created in response to feedback from customers. Who desired an easy to find, easy to use source for tool foam, tool control foam, foam for toolboxes and custom cut toolbox foam. Whether your needs include having us create custom tool foam using a waterjet, having foam custom cut by us is no problem. Just let us know how we can help! If you would prefer to cut it yourself. Our inexpensive premium quality tool foam for your workbench or foam for toolbox can be purchased in sheets or cut to size at no additional charge!

Foam For Toolbox

We can help if you can provide us details regarding the application for the tool foam, is it for a production environment where technicians work at workbenches and need to find their tools quickly or is it a for a production environment where tool control foam will be used to ensure tools are returned to their box to prevent F.O.D. Custom toolbox foam custom cut reduces the likelihood of F.O.D due to a tool being left inside of a production component or deliverable product.

We are specialists in 5s tool foam, toolbox foam inserts, foam cut outs, custom tool box foam, toolbox insert foam, complete tool kit custom cut tool foam and custom foam inserts. Whether you need foam custom cut for a workbench or custom toolbox foam, we can help!


1. What if I want a color other than the blue, black, red or yellow, is it available?
Yes, however the order requirements are quite substantial. We do have some different colors like ESD pink in stock, send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

2. How do I get you the information you need to do the cut outs in the foam?
This is detailed further on the sub page dedicated to custom foam cutting. In short, we can do the engineering if we have the tools (if you send or buy from us) or if we have images of the tools (that you upload to our server) or tracings of the tools (on paper we send you). We are flexible and recommend choosing the way that is easiest for you.

3. What is lead time like?
If its loose tool foam cut to the size of a drawer we can usually turn that around in a day or two. If you need cut outs we usually quote 30 days from the time we receive the engineering although it is usually much sooner. In some situations just a few days is needed for the engineering file for you to approve. If you need a full kit, the lead time depends on the availability of the tools, we complete most custom tool kits 30 days after we receive the tools.

How to laminate two sheets of foam together to get your contrasting color