Tool Control Foam with cut outs

Using the foam we have in stock as well as our experienced drafting team we can design your foam inserts for you. There is no additional charge for this service, unlike others we do not charge Non Recurring Engineering fee’s. Our tool foam inserts are tailored to your requirements and a PDF layout is provided for your review before the cut outs are made. Changes may be made at no charge, our goal is the perfect set of foam inserts for your toolbox or workbench.

Tool Control Foam with cut outs

Utilizing state of the art technology we can create shadow boards and foam inserts with tool foam cutouts faster than anyone in the business. Our foam cut outs are manufactured on a waterjet, the waterjet allows precision to .001 and ensures the finished product does not have any micro fod. Micro Fod (foreign object damage or debris) occurs when people use a CNC router. It is the small “burrs” on the inside of each of the cut outs.

We do all of our own work in house, we do not outsource. Many of our competitors outsource, this leads to long lead times, gaps in quality, and long quote lead times. We have eliminated all of these issues to streamline and simplify the process for you.

Foam Cutouts

Our most common request with the tool control foam with cut outs is “Can we do the cut outs without actually having the tools?” The answer is yes! There are several ways to get us the shapes of your tools.

1. Tracing each tool on a piece of paper we send you. This is the most accurate, you don’t need to be perfect, our engineers normalize the tracings and create your layout, we can send you the plotted drawings in full size for you to do a fit check ensuring the tool foam you receive fits perfect!

2. You can take a photograph of each tool from directly above with a scale in the photo. We have a server you can upload an entire folder with images all at once.

3. You can provide geometric shapes for the tools. This is a good option if you are doing the foam for a drawer or box that is full of tools like measurement tools or cutting tools.

We make doing business with us easy! Our quotes are based on the size of the drawer, shadow board, or case. There are no piece counts required, flat rates make quotes for foam cut outs quick!


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